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Designer's Edit: Coastal Timber

13 Aug 2022

Bringing a coastal look to your home is a cinch by incorporating simple timber elements throughout the spaces. However, perfecting the layered timber look can be a challenge so we’ve put together our designer’s edit of go-to coastal-inspired products to show you how to create the look using quality crafted, timber pieces.



  1. The Kelly Chair is an indoor sun lounger that enables maximum airflow and comfort for a tropical environment. Proportioned to enable two sitting styles, ideal for slouching.
  2. Designed to showcase the natural timber beauty, the Staples Tasmanian Oak Vanity reflects a true coastal style. Available as a Single and Double vanity the Staples range is a diverse solution for any bathroom.
  3. Natural, humble and elegant, the Timber Niki’s enchanting simplicity and earthen charisma are a testament to the statement less is more. Mounted on a round rose, the Timber Niki adds a captivating touch to any door.
  4. This beautiful Sweni Horn Dining Chair features a hand-woven leather seat to give it extra texture and makes for the comfiest seat.
  5. The perfect coastal Ghana Side Table to complement any living room, hallway or bathroom. You can even use these beauties as bedside tables.
  6. Organise and simply your home in the most beautiful way with the convenient Raw Scoop Wall Hooks. They are designed for a minimalistic and non-invasive look with the convenience of a scooped style, adding an understated elegance to any area of your home that needs organising and beautifying.
  7. Use this Noa Tanzania Taupe Wall Tile to create the perfect coastal feature wall.
  8. The gorgeous Avalon Round Coffee Table is the perfect coastal piece to finish off any lounge area, or to set up a kid’s area with a matching stool that any parent would be happy to display!
  9. With its inherent warmth and texture, the award-winning Monte Timber Club is a pleasure to use. Inspired by the resurgence of mid-century modern interiors, the meticulous fusion of bold lines and soft contours ensure the Monte Timber Club on Square Rose adds a sophisticated touch to any door.
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